Lintasarta Contributions Rp 1 Trillion for Indosat

Aplikanusa Lintasarta contributes Rp 1 trillion in revenue for its parent company, Indosat, at the end of 2008.

The revenue contribution supported the three factors harga ipad such as value -added product development, infrastructure expansion, and improvement of after-sales service,  said Managing Director of Noor SDK Devi Lintasarta in Lintasarta media gathering in the building, Jakarta, Wednesday ( 15/4/2009 ).

Besides offering data communications and Internet services, Lintasarta also develop value -added services such as video conferencing, Data Center, Managed Service, Corporate SMS, and Corporate Mailer.

The value-added services, said Devi, received positive feedback from the industry players. Therefore, with the implementation of these services, he claims, can improve the performance and efficiency impact.

Lintasarta also supported multi- access infrastructure consisting of Fiber Optics, Broadband Wireless Access and Satellite. Since 2007 harga samsung galaxy s4, Lintasarta has developed a Fiber Optic service in 12 cities in Indonesia.

Fiber optic infrastructure is a long term investment and will improve the real quality for a given solution to the customer,  said Devi.

He also added, based on customer satisfaction research company to 1,200 service users of data communications and Internet research institute that conducted the GRP in 2008, the corporation claimed to be very satisfied with the after-sales service Lintasarta.

The success achieved in 2008 does not make us complacent. Lintasarta optimistic and determined to make improvements in various sectors in 2009 with a creative theme solutionss efforts continue to grow and be a reliable operator,  said Devi.